FRIDA. Oltre al mito.

Today Clara went to visit the Exhibition of Frida Kahlo in Milan called: Frida: Oltre al mito. 

It was a very nice experience for her. She was in love by all the paintings but mostly she could feel the same feelings of Frida: suffering in her soul. Clara explain that to her mother, when her mother asked Clara what was the painting she most liked.

Clara said it was the “Self portrait with Thorn Necklace and Hummingbird” (1940) and explain to her mother that she doens’t have phisical pain like Frida but she has a lot of emotional pain.

Clara bought a doll of Frida and a poster this painting she liked most.

Another thing that touched so much Clara was Frida’s picture when she was coming out the plane in NY for her first exhibition. A coincidence that feed Clara’s dream to have own solo exhibition in NY.

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  • I really enjoy following you on Instagram Clara. Keep up your passion and never give up.


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